Access to pre-2020 exam records

We now have a completely new system supporting our new exam booking service. This allows us to offer a better service to teachers, learners and parents. However, our new system is not compatible with the old system, and we are unable to run them both together or provide access to previous records for customers.

We will continue to keep a record of all exams taken between 1994 and 2019. However, you will no longer have access to this information via your online account.

If you need information about pre-2020 exam entries, please contact us. We can provide information relating to individual candidates through our confirmation of marks service.

We will create a new record of all exams taken from January 2020 in our online booking service. Applicants will be able to view these details when they log in to their ABRSM account. Candidates (parents/carers) who have set up an account will also be able to log in to view details of all their exams taken from January 2020 onwards.

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