Booking exams – candidate details

We need this information to help us identify all candidates accurately in our system, avoid duplication of records and create an exam history for each candidate. We also need to ask for this information to ensure we meet our responsibilities as a regulated awarding organisation in the UK.

This is optional. Supplying a candidate (or parent/carer) email address will give them the option to set up their own ABRSM account. With an online account, they can log in and view their exam details (date, time and venue), change practical appointments online, and view their results and practical mark forms seven days after we have released them to the applicant.

When you book exams for candidates you can tell us who presented the candidate for the exam. The name you enter here when you book will appear on the certificate under 'Presented by'. The applicant's name will appear here by default. However, the 'presenter' name could also be another teacher, a school or a music centre, for example.

It is the responsibility of the person making the booking to ensure that all details are correct when they book. Once an exam has been booked and paid for you cannot change the details of the booking.

However, you can use our Contact Us form to request the following minor amendments:

  • Minor name change, such as an incorrect spelling or request to print the last name first
  • Date of birth
  • National ID number, as long as you provide supporting documentation
  • ‘Presented by’ name
  • If the time required for the exam remains the same or is shorter, we can change the instrument.
  • If the time required for the exam remains the same or is shorter, we can change the grade. However, we cannot provide a refund if a grade is being lowered (see our Withdrawals, Non-attendance and Fee Refund Policy) and additional charges will apply for changes to a higher grade.

We will not be able to make the following amendments. In these situations we advise you to cancel the booking and make a new booking with the correct details:

  • A change to the grade or instrument which increases the exam time required.
  • A complete change of candidate name. For a Performance Grade, if the candidate’s name on the booking does not match the candidate’s name given in the submitted exam video, we cannot assess the exam.
  • A change of exam type (Performance Grade, Practical Grade, online Music Theory).

Please note cancellations will be subject to our Withdrawals, Non-attendance and Fee Refund Policy and a new booking will be subject to availability.

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